Friday, 10 July 2009

Desperately shitting her pants

Keeping up this weeks pooping theme, here is the female pooping picture. It wasn't quite the picture I was thinking of, but it's still great.

Girl - 4 Nice bum, great legs!
Clothes - 4 Very big panties, perfect for pooping!
Pooping - 5 Nice bulge, well defined between the bum cheeks
Overall - 5 The reason I love this image is the lifting of the skirt to inspect the damage. It's like this girl was really desperate to go on the way home from school. Yards from the front door, she freezes as her bowls spasm uncontrollably and she desperately shits her panties. Panicking she has no option but to get inside and hope no one notices. Walking inside, her mum immediately notices the smell and demands the girl lifts her skirt. Refusing, mum grabs the girls skirt to reveal a fresh pile of poop sitting in her daughters pants. The girl is in tears as her mum scolds her, maybe she spanks her, as the girl cries, 'I couldn't help it! I had to go so bad I couldn't hold it any longer!'.

Stay tuned for my new video this weekend!


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  1. Why can't I see it coming out of her bottom?