Saturday, 27 August 2011 is currently moving

Just a quick note that is currently moving to a new server. Because changing the location a domain points to can take up to 2 days to complete, you may not be able to reach the site at this time.

Please be patient, hopefully by Sunday, the DNS will be fully propogated and normal service will be resumed.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

It's been a video!

Just a quick post here to let you all know a brand new wetpantsboy video has been uploaded to my site.

After a night out, my friends thought it would be funny to strip me down to my grey briefs and tie me to my bed. Come the morning, I awake still tied up and dying for a wee. After pleading to be allowed to use the toilet my poor bladder can't hold it anymore and I begin to wet myself (from 4:10).I quickly give up the battle and start going full force into my tight little briefs. After finally breaking free of the restraints, I assess the damage to my pants and the bed.

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011 has now moved to a new server is back up and running!


Monday, 15 November 2010 down

You may have noticed that is currently down.

Though attempting to access the site produces an error page stating 'This site has been suspended', this is not what you think. The site was not taken offline because of its content but rather its success.

Turns out, we were using too much resources on our shared server (awesome!), and this got us suspended (rubbish!).

Whilst I try to sort this out, wil be offline. I'm currently negotiating to see if I can get the site back with reduced functionality, I'll keep you posted.

In the meatime, I must contemplate the future of the site. This event, coupled with the many complaints of video timeouts and general slowness suggest it may be time to go dedicated. However, getting a dedicated server is a big financial responsibility and to make it viable I would probably have to start charging for certain access.

In the past, over 1000 unique ips visit the site a day. Assuming that these are the same people, the most I would have to charge is £1 ($1.60) per year. In reality, its more complicated as not everyone will be willing/able to pay but hopefully this is balanced with the fact that the 1000 people per day are not always the same people.

The upper limit would be based on the number of regular registered users which is currently around 300 a day. Assuming these people are the same (and are more loyal, as they registered), the charge would be £3 (£5.30) per year.

Whether the site is worth this, I leave up to you. Would you be willing to pay £3 per year to access Or would you be more comfortable if I limited the content available (by removing older content) and remain on the cheaper shared server?

Comments/opinions welcome.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Check out for future updates

This blog will only be updated in the event of going offline.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Live video chat sessions!

It's time once again to try video chat. Those of you around for the first one will remember we had a few problems trying to get my webcam to work through my uni firewall. But that is no longer an issue and (BT engineer permitting) I will soon be in a position to do a couple of video cam chats!

If you were able to tune in last time, you'll know that when I've been drinking beers, it's not long before I'm bouncing around, holding myself like a little boy. If you haven't seen me struggling to hold on before uncontrollably wetting myself, the video is available here. And I don't need to tell you that once I've broken the seal, I start feeling the need in no time at all, and the whole thing happens again!

I still maintain, however, that if I didn't have to type on my keyboard, I could have held out a bit longer (whenever you see me typing in the first video, I can guarantee I am probably also leaking into my pants!). This time on the chat, we'll put that to the test as I'll be using a headset microphone to describe every last detail to you guys (and quite possibly beg for you to let me go and save my poor jeans) leaving my hands free to remain clamped over my penis in a vain attempt to stem the flow.

Not that you'll need me to describe things to you, because now that I am out of the university firewall, my webcam will be working! And for the occasion, I've invested in a new 720p webcam so you can enjoy incredible detail as the pee starts running down my legs.

And this is not just about me, I hope as many as possible will be drinking with me and we can have a competition to see who can hold the longest (I will almost certainly lose, or win, depending on your point of view!). Webcam not required though the more people we get to see wet themselves, the better!

I intend to use the webcam platform provided by vagipe to stream the show, although if possible I may try a simulcast on MSN. If you have not yet visited my room on vagipe, here's how:

Registered Users:
  • Ensure your details are entered correctly in your wetpantsboy profile, or you may encounter problems entering the chatroom.
  • Hover over 'Chat' in the top menu, and then click 'Video Chat' from the drop down menu.
  • Enjoy!
Non-registered Users:
  • Click on 'Chat' in the top menu.
  • Scroll down to 'Video Chat' and enter your details in the Vagipe box
  • Enjoy!

If you encounter problems, copy and paste this url into your browser window, replacing the capitalised text with your details:

Just tell me when!

There will be two webchat sessions so that no one will miss out! The first will be on Wednesday 18th and the second will be Friday 20th both starting from around 8pm (BST).

Monday, 22 March 2010

This blog

Apologies to all who read this blog for not updating in a while. As most of you now, I now have my very own website which I try to keep updated with pictures and videos, which doesn't leave very much time for this blog.

Over the Easter holidays, I shall, hopefullym be posting regularly to this blog to try to restart it. Depending on the response I shall either keep going or refocus all my efforts to

Updates soon but in the meantime, if you haven't already, check out for exclusive videos from me!

Check out wetpantsboy for all my latest picture finds!